Purradise Ranch is Now Closed to Cat Intakes

Our sanctuary has been in operation for 12 years now, a delightful though sometimes challenging dream come true.

Time stops for no one, including us. my mom Roz sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 96. MEOW! But she enjoyed her golden years among her favorite friends – the kitties of Purradise Ranch.

As retirement creeps its way in, Felix and I have decided to bring our sanctuary activities to a close. The kitties will stay with us through their “retirement,” of course, and our nonprofit status will remain active. However, we will no longer be taking in any new cats.

Thank mew to everyone who has donated and supported Purradise Ranch over the years. It’s been an Incredible Journey (yep, there’s a movie by that name, too.)


Our final episode of “Adventures in Purradise” is now posted on our AIP YouTube channel.

This film noir gem will keep you guessing as to who stole a two-million collar from Mikey’s sultry client, Sylvia.

With a few references to “Casablanca,” the storyline brings the colorful characters to life until the unexpected twist at the end. Did you guess whodunnit?

We want to thank all of you for your incredible support of the series this past year! UnFURtunately, due to lack of funds, Mikey Hammer is the last meow for our favorite cat-pun show, “Adventures in Purradise.” Sleep curled!

Fur Trek: Tribble Troubles, episode #5 of our web series “Adventures in Purradise,” can be seen in its 16-minute entirety on our YouTube Channel.

This spoof of the original Star Trek series highlights your favorite characters… but with a bit more fur.

You’ll meet Captain Purrk, First Officer Mr. Spot, ship’s doctor “Fishbones” McCat and ship’s engineer “Skitty” plus more.

Live long and pawspurr!

“Catfight at the O’Kay Corral” will be airing for the first time on the big screen, as part of the NYC Cat Film Festival.

We were even mentioned in The NY Times. In an article by Laurel Graeber. “Satire is very much a theme of the cat festival, in which films like Nevada Caldwell’s “Feline Noir” and Priscilla Dean’s “Catfight at the O’Kay Corral” parody old Hollywood cliches.”

This 100-minute compilation of 21 short films (there were 72 submissions) will begin airing in multiple cities across the U.S. and Canada, starting on Oct. 16 – Global Cat Day.

I’m working to get the film into an indie theater here in Phoenix. Paws are crossed. In the meantime, “Catfight” is debuting as our next episode of Adventures in Purradise, airing on our YouTube channel November 1st.

Maybe one of our furry friends will win an ACATemy Award!


“The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” – a 12-minute parody of the film, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” by Ben Stiller in 2013 and originally by Danny Kaye in 1947.

On July 1st, we’re launching our first fundraising episode to support the 75+ kitties in our care at Purradise Ranch. You’ll be able to stream the episode for only $10 by going to our sister website, AdventuresInPurradise.com.

You can watch the cat pun fun episode on your own schedule. And you’ll be helping the kitties at the same time!

Please help our efforts to raise funds for our sanctuary by spreading the word to your friends and posting on social media. We’d be FURever grateful.

(Visit our “Adventures” page for trailer of video.)


Right after “America’s Got Talent” debuts its new season on June 1, our feline spoof, “Purradise’s Got Talent,” will air for FREE.

We want the world to get to know our fabulous, talking kitties, so we’ll air it here:

  • YouTube Channel – Adventures in Purradise
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Website – AdventuresInPurradise.com (download or stream)

In our newest “clog,” Blue does an Intermew of Alphonse, the actor who portrays Meowie Mandel in PGT.  Catch it here, and please share with your relatives, coworkers and CATaholic friends.

The more people learn about Adventures in Purradise, the more chances that cat lovers will support the kitties of Purradise Ranch. And that’s what the video series is all about.

So grab your PAWpcorn and enjoy a laugh.

Our first foray into Adventures in Purradise was greeted by some ardent admirers of cat humor and feline fun.

After watching two episodes, “Purradise’s Got Talent” and “Catfight at the O’Kay Corral,” we ventured into a Q&A session via chat and gave away some cool AIP prizes: mugs, T-shirts, plus an organic tote bag.

Jennifer King was so kind to share a picture of her cat Calliope watching “Purradise’s Got Talent” – giving the videos a 5-paw rating! Thanks fur sharing, Jen.

We also debuted the first volume of our paperback book, VoCATbulary Words: What part of “MEOW” do you not understand?!?  If you’d like to PURRchase a copy for a fellow cat lover, go to Amazon. The paperback is available for $11.99 and the e-book is $9.99. Proceeds from both go directly to Purradise Ranch.

Please check out our Adventures in Purradise page on this site to find out where we go from here. We’re just gettin’ started, folks! MEOW!!

Adventures in Purradise – an exciting new web series starring ONLY the cats of Purradise Ranch cat sanctuary. No humans allowed!

Each episode is a parody of a movie or TV show. All different genres.   100% of the net proceeds are donated to the 75+ cats at Purradise Ranch, a nonprofit cat sanctuary in Phoenix, AZ.

If you like cat videos, you’ll love our unique spin – AND you’ll be helping rescued kitties without lifting a paw.

Join us on April 24 for our online premiere, which includes: two episodes, Live Q&A, and prizes.

Tickets are only $10. Go to PurradiseRanch.org/Adventures to PURRchase your ticket today!

100% of net proceeds will be donated to the kitties.

Enjoy our PURReview!

April 8 was the deadline to enter your video of high-fiving your cat sponsored by Greater Good Charities. Jackson Galaxy’s Cat Pawsitive Initiative is really helping bashful shelter cats to overcome their fears and become more adoptable.

So, I entered the contest, too.  Okay, I’ll admit it, I cheated a bit. I edited two cats high-fouring it since cats only have four toes.

But it’s all in fun for a grrrreat cause!

The cats of Purradise Ranch will keep you informed of what’s happening at the sanctuary & other important stuff in the cat world.

They’ll take you behind the scenes to meet some of the kitties who live there. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to live in a cat sanctuary, now you can find out from them directly.

Blue, a beautiful Russian Blue, will conduct InterMEWS of a few inhabitants as they tell it like it is, in a most unusual manner.

Enjoy our unique PURResentation!

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April 1, 2022

Our sanctuary has been in operation for 12 years now, a delightful though sometimes challenging dream come true. Time stops…

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