Purradise Ranch is Now Closed to Cat Intakes
April 1, 2022

Our sanctuary has been in operation for 12 years now, a delightful though sometimes challenging dream come true.

Time stops for no one, including us. my mom Roz sadly passed away in 2021 at the age of 96. MEOW! But she enjoyed her golden years among her favorite friends – the kitties of Purradise Ranch.

As retirement creeps its way in, Felix and I have decided to bring our sanctuary activities to a close. The kitties will stay with us through their “retirement,” of course, and our nonprofit status will remain active. However, we will no longer be taking in any new cats.

Thank mew to everyone who has donated and supported Purradise Ranch over the years. It’s been an Incredible Journey (yep, there’s a movie by that name, too.)


Cat News
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