June 1 is the Big Day: the Premiere of AIP
May 24, 2021

Right after “America’s Got Talent” debuts its new season on June 1, our feline spoof, “Purradise’s Got Talent,” will air for FREE.

We want the world to get to know our fabulous, talking kitties, so we’ll air it here:

  • YouTube Channel – Adventures in Purradise
  • Facebook and other social media
  • Website – AdventuresInPurradise.com (download or stream)

In our newest “clog,” Blue does an Intermew of Alphonse, the actor who portrays Meowie Mandel in PGT.  Catch it here, and please share with your relatives, coworkers and CATaholic friends.

The more people learn about Adventures in Purradise, the more chances that cat lovers will support the kitties of Purradise Ranch. And that’s what the video series is all about.

So grab your PAWpcorn and enjoy a laugh.

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