April 24 Early Release of AIP was a Success!
May 2, 2021

Our first foray into Adventures in Purradise was greeted by some ardent admirers of cat humor and feline fun.

After watching two episodes, “Purradise’s Got Talent” and “Catfight at the O’Kay Corral,” we ventured into a Q&A session via chat and gave away some cool AIP prizes: mugs, T-shirts, plus an organic tote bag.

Jennifer King was so kind to share a picture of her cat Calliope watching “Purradise’s Got Talent” – giving the videos a 5-paw rating! Thanks fur sharing, Jen.

We also debuted the first volume of our paperback book, VoCATbulary Words: What part of “MEOW” do you not understand?!?  If you’d like to PURRchase a copy for a fellow cat lover, go to Amazon. The paperback is available for $11.99 and the e-book is $9.99. Proceeds from both go directly to Purradise Ranch.

Please check out our Adventures in Purradise page on this site to find out where we go from here. We’re just gettin’ started, folks! MEOW!!

Cat News
April 1, 2022

Our sanctuary has been in operation for 12 years now, a delightful though sometimes challenging dream come true. Time stops…

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